I breath a sigh of relief. Another stamp in the passport. For some reason there’s always that slight twinge of doubt. How many times have I done this, I should know better by now—I got this. 

I flip the page and see the first stamp there. If there’s been one constant in my adult life it is transience. I’ve collected skills, experiences and memories on 4 continents, got conversational in one language (Spanish) and am diving into the next (German). Throughout all this time I’ve searched for opportunities to learn more about this beautiful world we inhabit.

When I lived in Lake Tahoe, I learned about peace and quiet; the wisdom of mountains and trees and water. I also learned about days and days of hard work and revolving faces telling me their stories in quick but compelling snapshots. When I lived in San Francisco, I learned about the limits (there aren’t many!) of what we can accomplish with technology. I saw the mixing of culture, ambition and creativity. I marveled at the intelligence of my colleagues and friends and the ceaseless hum of the city. As I drifted across countless hostels and small sandy towns spread across the Global South and the cobblestone streets of Europe, I saw how many people are walking on winding paths and making it work for their unique lives. 

I am a storyteller. I am a mediocre guitar player. I am an enthusiastic brainstormer and a below average surfer. I look forward to chatting with taxi drivers and elected representatives and everyone in between. I care deeply that people feel seen and that we take care of our world. I believe in us and I believe in myself.

I am currently based in California and Germany. I’m looking for opportunities to work remotely with brands by producing content or by joining a new team in tech adjacent fields taking on challenges in customer success, account management, people operations and/or content creation.

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She is looking at me when I wake up. She asks me how I slept. She wants to know if I dreamed? I can never remember. She tells me about her’s. “Isn’t that strange?” she wants to know. She tries to get out of bed, but really just rolls over and sighs.  She is wrapped…

Oliver Charles: Baja Mexico Dispatch

Two weeks in Mexico, surfing, enjoying warm days and cool nights, and testing the versatility of my go-to OC sweater.  This spring I was driven by necessity to go to Baja Mexico for 2 weeks… the horror!Oh, the depredations of getting my European girlfriend, Hette, through the ridiculous travel ban policies.I’m not sure when the Cabo…

Oliver Charles: A go-to travel sweater, ideal for repeat wear

Spontaneous day trip turned into a weekend long trip to Potsdam. Good thing we had on our Oliver Charles sweaters! After briefly considering a weekend trip to Venice (called off for weather and because of acqua alta) we decided for a nice quiet weekend at home in Berlin. We needed some rest and relaxation around home. Over…

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Professional Information:

Full cycle sales at midsize tech start up; Streak CRM. Focused on lead prospecting and generation, new user account management and consultative onboarding.

Freelance content creation for the #Repeat blog of sustainable fashion brand Oliver Charles.

High touch luxury coaching and experience management for Elevation Surf Charters. Teaching all from CEO’s to 6 year olds the rapidly growing sport of Wake Surfing.